You can feel it…there’s more,

More than…

arrow_bullet  Settling for less than you know you are worth

arrow_bullet  Feeling that what you have to say is not important

arrow_bullet  Pretending you are happy and content so you don’t appear ungracious

arrow_bullet  Being caught in the beliefs of your parents or church that just do not resonate or ring true to what’s in your heart.

Something deep within is telling you that a more fulfilling life awaits.,

Yet, you don’t know what that looks like.

arrow_bullet  You don’t even know what your dreams are anymore and it feels scary to go back to that place where you used to dream

arrow_bullet  You’ve been getting your value and self-wroth from giving of yourself for so long,you’re not sure how to stop and make yourself a priority.

arrow_bullet  In spite of your successes in family or work, you’ve lost yourself and don’t even know when it happened or where you start to look.


I’m Bonnie Kutter,

and I’m here to tell you’re not lost.  You are just covered by many veils
of unsupportive beliefs that have kept you in the shadow of your life!

The majority of the world lives in the shadows, but YOU don’t need to stay there. We have all been born with full light, (the light of wholeness and truth) knowing everything we need to know to live the life we were intended to live…our dream life!

And, maybe like me, your light was dimmed by beliefs, from your family or culture or religion, that didn’t resonate with your Truth.

Yet, here you are, you’ve found my site.  And that tells me that your light is so ready to shine again. I can just feel it! You were born to radiate!

Deeply fulfilling work, intimate relationships, financial success, creativity, self-expression, radiance, they are your birthright.

Welcome, enjoy my site, learn more about my mission and my path, and why I’m so committed supporting those who have been waiting in the shadows as you step out into your place in the light! Click below to see if my mission resonates for you.

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