Just a quick little lesson I want to pass on! In last week’s message I shared that we can ride bikes anywhere around our little town.

The first week we starting riding our bikes something strange and irritating kept happening! We would go for a ride and all seemed well…until we would come out to ride the next day or two and one tire would be flat. So my husband would pump it up again… sometimes change the inner tube and it would continually go flat. This annoying process continued to happen not only to us but also to our daughter and grandkid’s bikes.

Our daughter was given a new bike for Mother’s Day and rode it once before a flat tire struck again!

It was a mystery as we couldn’t see any issue like nails or tacks making this happen. We were riding on mostly pavement so it didn’t make sense.

Then we heard from some source that there is a thorn in the area that is as hard as a nail and “Everyone” was having flat tires.

That same source also gave us the solution! There is a magical liquid you can put in the tire and if it’s penetrated the liquid fills in the punctured area and the tire stays inflated! What a great thing!!! We bought some and haven’t suffered from another flat tire this whole summer!


So why did I tell you this story? To me it is such a great analogy to our lives. As we travel down our path on our life’s journey… sometimes out of nowhere we are stopped in our tracks! ┬áMaybe you can’t move forward, you feel flat and usually it is an emotion (guilt, shame, unworthy….) that was triggered by fear (what if I get laughed at, what if I fail, what if I ruin my relationship, what if…). The feeling can be debilitating and scary.
What if the truth is that the more love you have within you doesn’t allow the fearful thoughts stop you in your tracks? More specifically self-love (if you don’t love yourself you will not truly know how to love others) when you feel those feelings, “your liquid love” flows through your veins allowing the truth to surface. With liquid love you realize that all those fear feelings are unsupportive and are false. Replacing those feelings with “I am worthy and I am a great friend… I am interesting…people love to have me around…I have so much to offer”!
Wayne Dyer, one of my all time favorite mentors had a message that I feel is appropriate to add to all of this. He said something like this, “What do you get when you squeeze an orange? You don’t get tomato juice right you get orange juice”! The same goes for us…if we are squeezed (things aren’t going so well…stress etc) what would come from inside of you? If you tend to fill yourself with fear, anger or jealousy, when life throws you a curve ball or you feel pressure, that’s what is going to be squeezed out. Ask yourself, what am I mostly filled with?
So many unhealthy feelings fall away when you fill yourself with love. No judgment of things or others, your not easily offended, you expect wonderful things… you feel the freedom of life. You are able to release the ball and chain of living in the expectations of others. You know that you are enough…and that’s the harvest of self-love.
How do you fill yourself with liquid love?
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