When you declare “I am OPEN and ready to receive” the universe not only hears you, it holds out it’s hands to help you!
~Alissa Barry~
Being open…has created a life I love!
Open Mind, Open Heart…Open Hands…everything about your world can change! Here are some thoughts on stepping onto a path of more openness.
Be available to show up and be willing to hear and feel others actually where they are coming from. Their beliefs, whether it is religion, politics, raising children or whatever doesn’t need to threaten you. Acknowledge others and be open to respect their opinion as theirs, knowing it’s neither right or wrong…just theirs. I actually love to hear other peoples thoughts…many times I have replaced some old sacred thoughts of mine with others new ones!
We are all one, it’s all good! Once you can feel that, judgment starts to fade…and it feels so good, you actually will get closer to the feeling of being connected as a whole. These feelings allow and open you to receiving everything as it comes into your life.
Being offended easily doesn’t really fit with being open to all. If you can create a mantra like “I have ended being offended” it will take you far! Other people may say or do something that isn’t in alignment with what you would have said or done…but really that’s theirs…none of your business.
The fear and old stories that come with their low energy will always be around, the beauty is when you allow yourself to open and be aware of them…but realize they no longer rule you. Look at them in the energy of what they have come to teach you…because as you learn…you grow and shift your life!!
Magic is the icing on the cake! The note from the Universe today was so perfect:
Are you so sure it’s not the dancer who creates the music she moves to? Or the painter who manifests the mountains he captures? Or the tycoon who builds the empire before there’s a dime?
Whatever you want,  , let it exist first in your mind, imagine every nuance and consideration, let the walls have substance, the halls have depth, and the money have weight in the palm of your hand, and then all that’s necessary to bring it to pass will be drawn unto you.
The Universe
That is the essence of Magic!
Believing puts magic in motion!
Have you seen the movie Miracles from Heaven? I watched last week! It is based on a true story…amazing! There are miracles and magic all around us…open to them! Embrace what you don’t see! Let yourself open with a childlike spirit…it will change your life!