I’m literally giggly as I write this, ready to share a bit about myself!

Years ago, when someone asked me to share something about myself, I stumbled for the right words, felt very insecure, and wished I could disappear into the background. But today everything that was once hidden away in the soul of that shy version of me is overflowing!

It’s from this space, with my heart and arms wide open, that I invite you to join me in discovering a life of openness, vulnerability, and joy. I want you to know how it feels to look at yourself in the mirror and truly love who you are as you embrace a magical life of freedom, following your heart’s desire with grace and ease.

My programs are designed to assist you in all this, and more, and it all began with my own soul’s journey of up and downs. Perhaps you can relate when I tell you some of the greatest teachers in my life have been my greatest tragedies.

For me, it began with losing both my parents at an early age. My father died when I was nine and my mother died when I was thirty-four. With either death, I never allowed myself to be a victim. Instead, I buried my pain deep inside myself and wore a mask of bravery, trying to appear “normal”. But the truth is, inside I was dying, without a clue about what to do.

Another traumatizing event I buried deep inside, was both bitter and sweet. In 2001, I was so excited to open an amazing 9000 sq. ft., lodge and western store. It included a General Store, Ranch Rags (clothing area), Wanna Be Ranch (kid’s corner), Design Center (fabrics, tiles, carpet, wallpaper), Cowgirl Cafe (serving coffees and desserts), and last but not least, an actual, full size log cabin built in the back of the store. With 14-foot-high ceilings the cabin was a perfect fit and place to showcase the log cabins we sold. Of course, all this was the sweet part.

The bitter part came soon after opening our doors when the tragedy known as 9/11 occurred. Ironically, I had named my business “The Hideout”. Our products were mostly custom-made and a world swimming in chaos and fear wouldn’t be buying unnecessary accessories or making large investments for some time. We lasted only one year and had to close the doors. It had taken every penny I had to build and keep that dream going, but it finally was a matter of survival, and I had to file for bankruptcy. Being raised to believe only lazy people filed for bankruptcy, I took on that shame and blame and buried it deep with my other pain.

Then at fifty-seven years old I was introduced to a concept so unique I could barely wrap my head around it. Its message was simple: “You are meant to live your truth”.

What?? I thought I was living my truth! I quickly learned I was hiding from my truth, not living it. I knew I was on the right track because I felt my soul jumping up and down, shouting, “Go for it! Learn more!!” This was my first step onto my path of Awakening.

That was thirteen years ago, and I’ve never looked back. I found someone to work with that slowly helped me attend to my old wounds. I learned certain people and events influenced me in my younger years, convincing me to cling to false ideas about myself. Without realizing it, I adopted those self-sabotaging beliefs, kept adding one on top of another, until I had no idea what my authentic truth was. With time, I discovered those buried wounds were the treasure that held my truth!

Today I live with my husband of fifty years, and he is truly my rock! We have three children, each married, and four grandkids – all of them as beautiful on the inside as the outside and full of life. We have lived in four states – South Dakota, Texas, Minnesota, and Colorado. My husband and I are currently in Colorado where I love cooking, gardening, drawing, fishing, interior design, teaching, coaching, and healing. I’m a nature lover and constantly look for answers within my surroundings. I was raised in South Dakota, working in the wheat fields, rescuing fox, raccoons, blue heron, and stray animals. I’ve always had a backyard full of flowers and a garden that truly speaks to me daily. My life is rooted in simplicity and love and I’m passionate about inspiring others to find their truth and feel the blessings of living an awakened life.

I’ve trained for the past thirteen years to assist others through the programs and products I create. These include five oracle decks, numerous workshops, retreats, one-on-one coaching sessions, four awakening programs, three programs that include healing sessions, Akashic Record readings, and Rainbow Shamanic Medicine Wheel Sessions.

I offer my programs in consecutive order, according to the way I’ve learned to navigate my awakening journey. I recommend starting with Breakaway and ending with Awaken to Your Magic.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you. I look forward to hearing your story and assisting you on your soul’s journey of discovery, release, healing, and uncovering an abundant love for your true self. I know there’s a Magical Awakening waiting for you!!