What are Akashic Records?

The easiest way to describe Akashic Records is like the Library of Information of anything from all of your lifetimes, like a Google database for your personal soul’s information for all of your lives past, present and future.

Everyone does Akashic Record Readings in their own way and I will share that I am very visual and I am given many visions within my readings. The visions usually have meanings that we work with and discover specific meaning for you in your life now.

Your Birth name and birth date are used to access your records along with your permission being granted.

A special prayer in opening your records and closing your records are energetically a loving part of entering and leaving this amazing sacred space.

Your records are full of the energy of Love and Truth. This sacred space is available to you to help you in all aspects of your life. This is not a space for predictions but I like to think of it as your sacred guidance space. Your Akashic Records will tell you only the truth that you need to be aware of to make your path to your authenticity more clear and available.

There are times when you will hear things that you know and they are being reinforced through your records and it becomes a confirmation of something you truly need to follow through with.

When you have an Akashic Records Reading you can just enjoy it, or you can claim it for what it truly can do for you and take action. I will have a follow up call that we schedule for two weeks after your reading so you can update me on anything thing that has happened and also any questions that have surfaced from the reading. It’s also a great time for accountability as to where the reading has taken you. When action steps are taken you WILL feel the shift your soul has so desired to feel. Clarity will light up your being!

How to prepare for your call:

Prepare a space where you can totally receive everything the reading has to offer you. Quiet, no cell phone, no disturbance. Communicate with family prior to the session so that they know you are not to be interrupted.

Bring with you an open mind and heart that desires to hear and receive the wisdom from your records.

You can bring questions to ask your Akashic Record Guides during the session or we can just go into your records and see what they have for you…or both. Most people have a few questions and then allow the guides to share other things that they want to pass on.

I recommend that you invite your angels, spirit guide and any ancestral guide that you want to be with you during your reading.

You may want a piece of paper and pencil to jot down any notes that are pertinent to you.


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