I believe in magic! I expect miracles! Do you? I hope so!
That’s when happiness, joy and synchronicity collide!
Make it your “go to” place !
I could feel something stirring in my soul and new it was time to step out (key…stepping out! )! I was going to do the uncomfortable…hmmm!
I will preface this to many months of meditation and listening to my spirit guides and receiving some messages that were very motivating. Magical things started happening.
Friend and Life Coach on the East Coast ordered several decks of Truth Totem cards to take to an event he was participating in. When he received his personal deck, he had just lost a very dear friend and I mentioned to have her draw a card for him. So he did and it was the White Buffalo Card. Awesome! Then about a week later I sent my VA a deck of Truth Totem cards and told her to tell me the first card she pulled…and it was White Buffalo. My daughter was moving and I had bought her a white buffalo statue years ago and she brought it over that week and said “Mom this fits in your house better than mine now…do you want it?” Absolutely…especially with all the white buffalo stuff going on! So something was stirring…The day I stepped out I just said okay Spirit if there is really something to this I need to see a white buffalo again somewhere today!
I was heading for Fort Collins and going to sell some Truth Totem Cards to a Holistic Store called Northern Lights! Great store, been there since the early 90’s. When I got there the owners weren’t there and the salesclerk said to come back on a Tuesday or Thursday. Okay!
Driving home just getting into Eaton, I was looking at the homes on either side and on my left side…there was a white buffalo metal statue about the size of a bear cub. Hmmm…magical, miraculous…joy, happiness, synchronicity!!!
I know huh!?
I knew Spirit had me heading down a magical trail…and I was ready!
I went back to the store and met with the owner, she loved the cards and asked if I do readings. I said I never have but I could! I said let me have a couple of days to think about it! It really didn’t take long and I knew that the Truth Totem deck had a whole new venue! She also told me about a Wholesale Market coming to Denver in a couple of days and I could probably find a company that would sell the Truth Totem decks nationwide! She gave me a couple of Company names to talk to.
So I headed to Denver talked to two companies and was well received by both.
I was accepted by one of the companies and will be in there September catalog…magical…happiness…joy!
I have been doing reading for the past two weeks at the
 Northern Lights Store and spirit delivers every time with every client the right divine message from the Truth Totem deck. Blessed…full of joy!
Two more white buffalo syncs:
 While I was at the Wholesale Market there was a vendor with gems and crystals and some fetishes (carved animal figures out of stone) as I walked by she was carrying a tray of white buffalo fetishes! Yes!!! I bought one!!
On my birthday, my husband I could tell was very excited this year about the gift he was giving me!
 I opened it!! The most beautiful white buffalo sculpture!
Wow…joy bound!!
I think the beauty of this whole story is that when I was planted here in Colorado, I knew something awesome was going to happen. I had to allow and be willing to receive and believe the messages that were being sent.
We can’t make a flower grow by anything other than nurturing it and giving it all it needs to mature and grow. I have learned that being open to life and expecting the wonderful to come in is allowing my soul to awaken the joy that is so excited to blossom in our lives.
Why do I share all of this? Is it just my life that get’s magic? No! I share this because my passion is to inspire you to open to the higher vibrations and know that we are all one! It is truly about believing and remember the key word…”step out”! It’s that simple!
Joy has your name written all over it! We are so blessed as we have the privilege to choose our reality. That’s right it is a choice to step into magic or not!
Are you ready? How can I support you?
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~Step into the light~