Please take a minute to consider and honestly answer these questions:

  • Do you feel unworthy of success?
  • Do past failures haunt you?
  • Do you compare yourself to others?
  • Do you frequently second guess yourself?
  • Do other people’s opinions hold more weight than your own?
  • Do you have dreams that you have given up on?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re not alone. Most people hold self-limiting beliefs they repeat to themselves, over and over. But I know from experience that you can reclaim your power! You can Breakaway – like I did!

Hello, I’m Bonnie Kutter, and it wasn’t long ago that I answered “yes” to each of those questions. I was the person who supported everyone else, wondering when my turn would come.

I would experience huge success, then sabotage it all because I didn’t believe I deserved the recognition and abundance. Those repeating patterns would finally end when I experienced a profound shift that I call my “Breakaway”, and now I’ve designed a program by that name to help others.

See what others are saying…

“The “Breakaway” program was very eye opening and powerful! Through an amazing timeline mapping process and Bonnie’s incredible guidance and support, I was able to break away from limiting beliefs! Self sabotage and unworthiness were transformed into self love, value and worthiness. Releasing the limitations allowed the doors of my creative spirit to open and flow! The end result was passion, vision AND timelines to take INSPIRED ACTION!

For anyone who feels it’s time to break away from whatever is holding you back from creating your dreams and stepping into your future, I highly recommend Bonnie’s program. She is an empowering guide who is a master at creating beautiful loving, non judgmental safe spaces. And it is her joy, to honor and celebrate every individual’s authentic and unique journey, The Breakaway”. Program is an investment you’ll be thrilled you made!!”

~ Denise Marie Gabor
Resiliency Expert, Empowering YOU with Sound, Rhythm and Music

On the journey to your Breakaway you and I will…

  • Take an honest look at where you are today and how you got there.
  • Discover how to tune-in to your emotions and notice how they’re influencing your choices and decisions.
  • Use intuitively designed activities to explore yourself at deeper levels.
  • Identify and break free from false beliefs to discover and embrace your truths.
  • Confirm and declare with confidence your worthiness and value.
  • Decide where you want to go in your life and makes plans to get there.
  • Resonate at a higher energetic vibration and live in Divine harmony and balance.
  • Open yourself to receive the profits and abundance you deserve.
  • Learn how to lovingly hold yourself accountable.
  • Wake up each morning with a new and inspired sense of direction.
  • Know who you are, stand proud and empowered, and share your story with confidence.
  • Live the life you’ve dreamed of with courage, confidence, and clarity.

Are you ready? Can you hear your soul calling you “Breakaway”?

The Breakaway Program is a four week custom program including four, one-hour calls/zoom and unlimited emails.

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Two payments of $250

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