How do you know when you’re dancing with the elephant in the room, instead of dancing with your truth?

  • You continually live with what’s comfortable and acceptable and shutter at the thought of rocking the boat.
  • You won’t risk being wrong because being right is so important.
  • You think feeling vulnerable is scary and a sign of weakness.
  • You do all you can to avoid exposing and resolving issues – confrontation is simply too upsetting.

If any of the above describe you, then you’re dancing with the elephant, which is your collection of fears, insecurities, false beliefs, and compromises. My program will remind you that you’re a unique, wildly worthy soul, and you deserve to be dancing with your truth!

Dancing With Your Truth Program

A three-month program consisting of twelve, one-hour, one-on-one sessions.

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First Month Highlights

  • Use intuitive tools to assist in discovering your authentic truths.
  • Create and use a Truth Journal.
  • Learn to distinguish between your false beliefs and your truths.
  • Identify what isn’t your truth and let it go for good.
  • Share your truths with vulnerability and authenticity.

Second Month Highlights

  • Learn to be playful and embrace the magic of your truths.
  • Reach out to others who share similar truths to yours.
  • Begin manifesting a life that celebrates your truths.
  • Creating a vision board inspired by your truths.

Third Month Highlights

  • Clearly understand why dancing with your truth is so important and non-negotiable.
  • Create a life around who, what, and where enhances and supports your truths.
  • Confidently dance with your truth no matter who is watching.
  • Experience the spiritual wisdom and momentum only found while dancing to the rhythm of your soul.

See what others are saying…

“Bonnie is a breath of fresh air! Her program Dances with your Truth came to me at the perfect time. This helped me to discover so much greatness about myself. The exercises were perfect and allowed me to open up some areas of myself I had not done before and helped me to discover my true authentic self. If you are looking for someone who generally cares about the development of others and knows how to get the best results, I highly recommend Bonnie.”

~ Penny Byfuglien, Roseau MN

Upon Completion:

After the twelve sessions we’ll gather with other participants on a zoom call. This will be an amazing opportunity to meet, greet, and make continuing connections with kindred souls also dancing with their truth.

Does that resonate? Can you hear your soul calling?

Because you’re so close to the following and more…

  • Stronger, more heartfelt relationships.
  • Increasing your energy and stamina.
  • Making joyfully aligned decisions.
  • Living without fear and doubt.
  • Delighting in the magic of your life.
  • Creating, interacting, and living more playfully.
  • Exuding heart-centered confidence and influence.
  • Giving and receiving love with ease and grace.
  • Identifying and releasing confusing, sabotaging, false beliefs.
  • Improving your health and sleep.
  • Discovering self-love beyond your current understanding.
  • Claiming and living your Divine destiny.

Investment Options:

Pay in full, $997
Pay in two payments of $525
Pay in three payments of $375

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