This morning I was making coffee and got a call to look out my window! There were 4 beautiful hot air balloons! They just do something to me…it’s like a sky celebration! They have happy written all over them! I felt like a little kid watching like it was the first time I ever saw one! They were so low I hollered,
“Good Morning” and waved! (I yelled so loud my husband said …”Bonnie you are going to wake the neighbors”…but I was like a kid)

Then a thought came across me that gave me the shivers…ego stepped in and said “How can you celebrate that thing when you know about all those people that got killed in Texas riding in one of those things…there unsafe…they should ban them”!
Hmmm…my joy fell for a moment until a clear awesome realization came over me…I am in charge of how I feel and I choose joy!!! So long EGO!!
Life is so full of magical instant joyful moments and to stay in that JOY we have to be strong enough to allow those feelings to fill us up so full there’s not room for any other thoughts or feelings! It’s truly letting your self be childlike!
There are things and people that will be in our lives everyday and it is our choice if we let them rob our joy or not.
I so admire adventurous people! They feel and hold onto the magic of the moments!
Watching the Olympics can uplift you as you watch the drive, desire and passion being displayed in every sport!
Let yourself lean more into the freshness of feeling your childlike spirit. Celebrate the simple, embrace easy, know your truth and live life filled with love…no room for anything else. Choose to stay in joy and “Feel the magic” with no regrets!