I do…I just love you! You are so perfect just the way you are. Know that your everyday efforts don’t go without notice. The way you allow your kind eyes to touch peoples hearts always amazes me. I hold you tight when you are feeling like you go one step forward and two back! We are one you know!


I feel your joy…I feel your heartache…I love your laughter and always gather your tears. Just be and know you are enough! The unfolding of your life parallels the unfolding of the rose…what a graceful beautiful thing to behold. As your essence surfaces the world lights up! I just love you soooo much! Keep moving forward to the rhythm of your soul…as your dance is electric and a sight to see. Sing your song loud and let your truth echo through the streets. Keep telling your story it is such a beautiful story!
Today and always…I just love you!!
As you open to what is and the beauty of your soul’s desire and passion…all things flow with love. It is a place of collaboration and accepting all as is! You realize life isn’t a race or competition and the real wood that keeps your fire burning is the vulnerable truth of who you are and the supportive self-love you finally embrace as the match that lights the fire! As your fire grows it cannot help but warm those around you!
Feel the lightness of leaving behind the expectations and judgment of others in the realization that you have found the meaning of wholeness and freedom.
The currency to a life of bliss is love.
The fact that I just love you…came first from learning to love myself!!