“She became aware…she awakened…she found herself…she danced with whom she had become…and now she was ready to live in the magic she created” said the world as she passed by.

Living in your magic is living in your essence. You are in full bloom! You radiate with everything you came to be. You are magical!

All of the thorns and sticks and stones that got you to this point in your life only remind you of your power.

What I have discovered is magic is always around us, it is just waiting for us to find it.

It’s child play, bringing back the twinkle in your eyes and the giggle in your soul causing your whole life to lighten up. This program will allow you to find and treasure moments in your current life and feel like you have released the heaviness of it all. It is truly life changing, spirit guided one of a kind trail of magic.

This is the last of a series of four programs I am offering. Breakaway is the first Program, Dancing with Your Truth is the second program, Sacred Vessel and then Awaken to your Magic is the last of this series. Of course it goes without saying that this is where I can only imagine us all striving for is to end up in living in our magic.

The course is going to be full of:

  • Magical imagination play
  • Plenty of visioning and journeys
  • Gathering all the pieces blocking the magic in your life right now.
  • Creating a Magic Journal
  • Assignments in attracting magic
  • Understanding the difference between your life now and igniting magic in your life.

We will travel to faraway places and meet people and things you have not met as of yet. Your heart, soul and mind will be stretched and caressed with just the right sprinkle of magic it has been waiting for. You will discover and experience a Magical Cloud and Magical Hotel and your host will be a constant at your side throughout the program that will glide in within the first few sessions.

Magic is truly all around us all the time, this will be like a treasure hunt to manifest and allow ourselves to open up and receive what is ours for the taking.

What will change in your life?

  • Your awareness to the things that really matter the most will surface.
  • Realization of all the things you are capable of manifesting.
  • Finding new beliefs that will lighten your pathway.


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This is an 8 week program.

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