I am a part of a whole, a piece of a magnificent universe, just as you are. I came in fulfillment of my mission in this world. What I have realized is that my mission/passion is helping those ready and full of desire to light up their world and realize their full radiant potential….the life they dreamed of and that they were born to inherit.

I meet and talk to many people and pass on my thoughts and visions through stories, analogies and some people are my people….they are ready to expand and awaken, and others are not.

We all have our own journey and I am so accepting of wherever you are is where you are supposed to be. I believe it is all good. My passion comes from taking people on a path to see and realize that they were born to radiate! We may have to uncover many veils, the sabotaging beliefs we buy into, in order to reveal the brilliant radiance of light and truth.   It is through this inner work that you reclaim your birthright…..to live the life of your dreams.

Without fear we would never need courage. If we did not have the darkness, the shadows, the veils we would not know the light, the truth that we came to reclaim. A hero is only as great as the villain, without darkness we cannot claim the glory of light! It is all good.

Many people are living in a locked lifestyle and so full of fear they do not know how to move out of it…..however they know deep down that there is more to life. Well that deep down, that small sweet voice you hear is your illuminator….shadow buster….it is the truth, and can bring you out of those feelings and lifestyle. There is more and no one has to live captive to shame, guilt, fear and unworthiness. I know because I was just like you. My desire was very strong and in taking a risk to jump in with both feet…..I did find what was on the other side of the rainbow….and it is gold! It is life of no judgment, self-worth, radiant love, courage and unbelievable peace and abundance.

The world today needs us to awaken and shine with our brilliance.  Close your eyes and imagine the whole world illuminated! IMAGINE all the people……. Wow!

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