Do you crave your Journey?

I have found that a life of trusting my desire & having courage to act on it makes life a journey worth living.  The desire begins to rise up and radiate, and it’s just amazing.  Having a guide on that journey makes all the difference and that’s what my offerings are all about.  Do you crave the journey?

I work with clients who are not willing to settle! They have been captive to a mediocre lifestyle and know that there is more. They are tired of the defeated feeling they carry around. They have the burning desire to take the risk of living a life of no regrets. They are ready to find the inner gold they were born with. They are ready to break the ball and chains of confusion, unworthiness, guilt, shame and fear. Is this you? Are you ready to reclaim your life and purpose? Read the priceless benefits that are delivered in the programs;

You will find clarity in life
Your Passion and purpose will come alive
You will realize and validate your truth and wholeness
You will understand and treasure the feeling of freedom
Your light will create a new vibrational energy in you
You will feel your worth and be able to empower your life
You will be the change in making our world a better place
The real authentic you will surface and radiate….you were born to radiate….it is your birthright!

The two programs that I currently offer are both based on these concepts. Here’s a closer overview of each program.

“Breakaway Workshop”

This is a one day personal workshop that will take you through three stages of self-discovery. Incorporated in this workshop are creative activities, experiences, and teachings. We will touch on the pain you are feeling, step into the transformation stage and finally experience a breakthrough. You will feel your energy level within each stage and be amazed at the difference of how you feel as you leave the workshop. Not only will you take home the knowledge in your personal workbook, but also the shift in confidence will be anchored within you.

This program is for you… If you are ready to jump in and take the first step into finding yourself!

“Six Month Breakaway Program”

This six month program is set up to totally change your life! It has been designed to work at your pace and clearly uncovered the numerous hidden truths that will give you so many things: courage, confidence, clarity, worthiness, peace, love, empowerment, grace and wholeness. You will also realize a whole new energetic level as you work through the shadows that have held you captive for years. You will find your voice and know your story!

This program is for you… If you have a burning desire to take the risk and step into the spotlight of your life! There is no turning back!!!

• Some of the breakthroughs my 6-month clients experience are being able to feel lighter, happier claiming and validating their real value, making their everyday life feel new and more free!

• Some have experienced moving from extreme fear and not wanting to interact with life anymore to stepping into a fulfilling career and healing important relationships.

You can expect:

 To find your true purpose
Gain confidence in your work
Deepen your relationships
Create your dream job
Make the money you want to make

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