The four programs below are in the order that I feel will be the most beneficial way of opening to the Awakened life. The first program Breakaway is all about the basic concepts of the process. Dancing with Your Truth is where you start to integrate your new found truths into your life and feel the rhythm of them to the degree your comfortable enough to Dance with your truths. Sacred Vessel is a program to open you to your sacred power and realize what you want your personal sacred vessel to look like, and most importantly see your beauty and truly love who you are and what you came to do. Awaken to Your Magic is a program that is to open us to all the magic that we live in but never acknowledge or aren’t even aware of. It’s the icing on the cake of these four programs. When you complete this program you will know that “You are the Magic”!

Having said this there are many who have done much of the work in the process of Awakening and with a 20 minute one on one phone call – I can establish what program would be fitting for you to take to begin. This is all a suggestion but always know you can never do this wrong, if your spirit desires just one program, that will be honored.