Welcome to Sacred Vessel! Take a deep breath… and repeat these words:

“I fill my own vessel. I am my own muse. I know my own worth. l feel good in my own skin.

I celebrate my own existence. I validate my own journey. I speak my own truth. I admire my own reflection. I experience my own love. I enjoy my own company. I extend my own energy. I create my own paradise.”

What is a Sacred Vessel?

Sacred means “Worthy of respect and/or devotion; inspires awe or reverence.”

Vessel means “A container for holding something.”

You are a Sacred Vessel means “you are a container worthy of holding respect and devotion, inspiring awe, and reverence.”

During this program, we will…

  • connect with the energy of your numbers and colors
  • learn about your chakras
  • explore the importance of your dreams
  • go on vision drumming journeys
  • and more!

Sacred Vessel Program

A ten-week, ten-session program consisting of 3 modules.

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Picking Up the Pieces of Your Power

The first step in reclaiming and filling your Sacred Vessel is taking back your power. Often, the word “power” is understood to mean having great strength, influence, or control over something or someone. But this isn’t about dominance – this is about the power created from within for the purpose of living your life from a place of strength, grace, and knowing. Your power is a sacred gift you were born with. When it’s activated, you feel whole and complete. When it’s dormant or unbalanced, you feel challenged, weak, and chaotic.

In Sacred Vessel, Module One, you learn that standing in your power is the key to being complete and whole in your authentic self. I’ll work with you to discover where pieces of your power are going, how to reclaim them, and what to do should you ever misplace your power again.

Becoming Your Own Best Friend

You have over 60,000 thoughts a day that either support you, or sabotage you. Do you ever wonder who controls those thoughts and that voice in your head? It seems to have a mind of its own, constantly chattering on, telling you to worry and fret about one thing or another. Unchecked, those negative messages will repeat, in a loop, holding you in a state of fear and unworthiness.

The good news is, that voice programmed with worry, lack, and doubt is the conditioned you – not the authentic you. Your conditioned voice wants to sabotage you, but your authentic voice wants to support you. You have the power to choose! With awareness and the desire to change, I will help you silence those negative recordings, allowing the true voice of your authentic self to be heard, loud and clear.

In sacred Vessel, Module Two, your authentic voice will become your own best friend; encouraging, supporting, and inspiring you to create your own reality filled with light, love, abundance, and ease.

You Are Beautifully and Perfectly Designed!

Did you know, Spirit adores and treasures you, exactly as you are? This is one of the most beautiful truths waiting to be revealed and embraced by you. Your body is a sacred vessel holding your thoughts, hopes, fears, memories, mannerisms, and personality. Your body is so much more than what you see in the mirror, but your reflection is also worth celebrating as it is, right now!

I will guide you to release self-limiting beliefs, such as shame, guilt, judgement, and fear to allow you to uncover everything that makes you uniquely you. The body you were given is a gift, created so you could experience your most amazing life. Isn’t it time you learn to love and appreciate your sacred vessel unconditionally, and listen to the messages it has for you?

In Sacred Vessel, Module Three, you’ll be shown sweet and simple techniques, empowering you to finally love yourself, inside and out. When you realize you are beautifully and perfectly created to not merely live, but thrive – it will be life changing!

Some Insights to be Unlocked in the Ten-Week Sacred Vessel Program

  • Define, discover, and recover your personal power.
  • Understand what takes your power away and how to stop allowing it.
  • Transform your most degrading obstacle from bully to support guide.
  • Liberate parts of yourself hidden in the shadows, allowing the light to transform them.
  • Reclaim the confidence and courage you were born with.
  • Look in the mirror and feel whole, on the inside and outside.
  • Enjoy newfound optimism and increased energy.
  • Be witnessed as a powerful, happy, content, and inspired soul.
  • Rediscover your childlike spirit and playful approach to life.
  • Take responsibility for your own happiness.
  • Embrace the art of awareness as the key to a balanced and enlightened life.
  • Give yourself the gift of celebrating the beautiful soul you are.
  • Learn to love and parent yourself with spiritual maturity.
  • Look deeply within to see the Godself more clearly.
  • Create deep soul connections with self and others.
  • Transmute self-inflicted pain into unconditional love.
  • Reveal and surrender areas of control in your life.
  • Recognize the shadow side of the world.
  • Cultivate boundaries, protection, and self-preservation.
  • Develop true spiritual independence.
  • Hear your Soul’s voice and make conscious connection to the Divine.
  • Learn to calm your body with your own hands.
  • Create a plan to achieve all you ever wanted in this life.
  • Be open and honest with yourself and others.
  • Learn how to bless situations, allowing spiritual healing to occur.
  • Shine your Divine light and discover your true purpose.

See what others are saying…

“Making the decision to take the journey of Sacred Vessels with Bonnie was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. Moving into the place of knowing who I am, being who I am and feeling good to share that person of who I am is the moment you smile and say to yourself, Yes this is me and I love every part!!!

Bonnie knows just how to guide you on your journey to meeting yourself, enjoying who you have become and loving all of you! Shedding the many layers you have coated yourself with happens so easily with the steps of self rediscovery you are guided on. Take the time, make yourself a priority and move to the place of loving yourself, celebrate being the unique person you are everyday in every way. Remember you are a precious jewel!! Thank you Bonnie!!”

~ K. Skurka
Cardio-Oncology Nurse

Your Investment

Your investment includes ten sessions, one per week. The program is divided into three modules, each consisting of three sessions. The remaining and last session is the “Celebration Session”.

* Program Cost: $997
* Monthly payment plans are available.


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