Spirit called, I listened, and the Rainbow Shaman Medicine Wheel was birthed!I’ve spent the last year bringing together the visions and messages I’ve received to create this inspired new modality. Holding one-on-one sessions for the past several months, the individual experiences have been rich with enlightened energy.

Spending time with each client I’ve witnessed them receive what I can only describe as a “lightness of spirit and clearing” as they are infused with the specific energy their soul is desiring.

The Rainbow Shaman Medicine Wheel is structured from the elements of Mother Earth, including directions, seasons, elements, totem animals, and more. I’m reminded each time I do a session of the overwhelming power and opportunity we’re gifted by gently connecting with the gifts of Mother Earth. Your session will fill you with the energy of the elements aligned with the specific direction your soul chooses. You’ll be immersed in strong powerful vibrations and these energies will accompany you on a delightful journey filled with messages, signs, and symbols as you’re guided to the center of the wheel to experience the magic of the rainbow.

My journey with the Rainbow Shaman Medicine Wheel impresses on me that now is a crucial time to embrace and return to the wisdom of what is elemental to our beings. We’re interconnected with Mother Earth and she wants to share her amazing life force with us. I’ve discovered that some clients will feel content accessing only one direction in a single session while many will want to receive guidance from each direction, completing the full circle, just as Mother Earth does in all things.

Client Experiences

Bonnie is a true healer! Her work took me on a journey to unlocking the blockages and finding new pathways into discovering my true self and full potential. I’m so grateful I was guided to Bonnie for her deep wisdom and medicine. I highly recommend doing all 4 directions. It was a total game changer for me. She is truly one of a kind!

-Lindsay B. Portland, Oregon

I’ve done two sessions of the Rainbow Shaman Medicine Wheel with Bonnie Kutter and I’m looking forward to the next two! When I describe Bonnie to friends I say she is highly intuitive, joyfully connected to her sense of wonder, and divinely tuned in to her guides, animals, earth, and nature. My sessions were filled with meaningful symbolism and messages that I intuitively resonated with and found guidance in. The process Bonnie has developed is full of information and provided insights to my present state of being and guidance for moving forward.  I found my sessions inspiring and relaxing!

– Kay Hilde


Single Session, One Direction: $111

Full Circle Sessions, Four Directions: $444

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