Do you remember the last time you were on a rollercoaster? I can’t say that I love them but what I remember once you get in and snap the buckle… there is no going back, the ride is in forward motion. There’s so many feelings that the roller coaster brings to mind…anticipation…anxiety…over the top let go, release and be ecstatic…relax…easy…anticipate…anxiety…awesomeness…I did it!


It is such a great reminder that our lives follow a natural rhythm like this! And if you are like me, I really buckled in to this ride about 5 years ago and there is no going back! That means living what you know is your truth, and that can be all of the emotions described above plus many more. It is stepping into a life of realizing and embracing who you are and making the decision to share your gifts with the world.
Each part of your roller coaster ride can bring in different emotions and opportunities. It’s learning to realize that and know around the next turn or hill something different is there for you to embrace…it’s a flow!
Recently I dropped into anticipation rollercoaster mode and realized that I was allowing my expectations to drive the level of my energy ride. Here’s what happens…we create our actions and allow old past expectations (which will sabotage your energy) to take over and you lose all momentum in a flash. Example: “I did this and they didn’t do that!” Easy way to keep you from moving in the flow of the whole ride! Remember the good…the great…the over the top…the awesomeness is coming…always does, always will, because it’s just part of the ride!
Although sometimes…what’s in the way…is the way! So as things happen like I mentioned above, there are different ways to look at it! One you can let it put you into a tailspin and wonder, worry and doubt or you can say, I remember this feeling (like I said above for me it was expectations) and know the Universe is telling you you don’t have this lesson conquered yet…just work through it…you know the truth. (The Truth is: Your value does not rely on other people, who you are and what you do is your gift to the world and when you set yourself up with expectations you give away your power.) Then feel blessed to have gotten tapped on the shoulder by the Universe to remind you to move through your lessons and know that the thrill hill is right ahead on the ride!
Let’s also talk about the expectations we set upon ourselves. Sometimes we create…usually in our mind…what we think our life should be or what it should look like. That’s kind of like designing your own roller coaster and knowing all the curves and just how much the drops are going to excite you etc. When we do that we take out all the fun and surprise experiences (magic) that the Universe may want to give you. It keeps you in control and trust me God creates a much better ride! A ride that some days will have you at the edge of your seat and other days breathing in the beauty all around you. Sites you will never see if you stay in control. Your rollercoaster was designed before you were born…TRUST is the buckle. Buckle up!!
Literally let go and enjoy the whole ride…all of it! I wish you many, many thrilling and magical moments!!