A Soul Healing is just that…very simple and very much tuned into the desires of our inner desperation to become aligned with our authentic truth. Disturbances that are happening and either distracting or blocking us from that alignment cause disorder that needs to be unraveled and cleared. Our soul knows exactly what it needs and where to find it’s truest path. Confusion and chaos are not a part of the life you are meant to live. IF YOU are in a space that feels not in tune with who you really are I highly recommend going through this process with me.

The first thing I recommend is that we connect with an information call after you have committed to having your pathway cleared and desire to feel your soul re-aligned with your souls truest desires.

So you can schedule that through my calendar once you have signed in to take the program.

How do you know you need a Healing session?

  • Life just seems off, things are not flowing easily, everything takes a lot of effort.
  • It feels like you are second guessing yourself with everything.
  • You’re getting triggered more often than not and you know somethings not right.
  • It feels like you can’t get out of confusion and chaos and you ache for clarity.
  • You are feeling a shift in a relationship and need to find yourself again.
  • There is a feeling of paralysis and not knowing what direction to take.

One moment of clarity can change everything.

See what others are saying…

“My 90 minute healing session with Bonnie was one of the most gentle, rich and potent transformational experiences I’ve had. It came at a time when I was really ready to shift my energy and beliefs.

Bonnie had already done pre-work in my Akashic Records ahead of time and we went through a series of life experiences and shifted, in real time, my understanding of the lessons I learned so my perspective shifted to empowerment and peace. From there, she highlighted several more Truths and insights to help me embody my purpose, access my power and to live a life of deep alignment to my Soul. She gave me all of the belief shifting statements to keep as my new Truths and helped me to feel more solid and at ease in my purpose – lighter, happier and calmer. Bonnie’s calm and loving manner meant I felt deeply safe and held and was able to fully receive the healing Truth and guidance she offered from my Akashic Records. I cannot recommend her work enough. She’s truly a gifted healer, guide and Akashic Records reader.”

~ Priscilla Stephan
Intuitive Business Strategist

What will you leave the session with?

When our session is complete you will feel a shift, and there will be a time (it’s different for everyone) that your whole person will adapt and step into your new Truths and release those things that were blocking your clarity in moving forward with your authenticity. It’s such a refreshing, new start feeling. Like you have cleared tons of debris that you didn’t even realize was there.

You will have a feeling of wholeness and feel lighter, not weighted down. It’s delightful and literally a priceless feeling!

A recorded zoom copy of our session that you can rewatch anytime you should need to. Plus you will have a written copy of the session, documenting all of the past limiting beliefs that were released and all of your new re-established Truths that will become your new set of beliefs.

Schedule our initial consult for your healing session.


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