Coming from a fabulous two day conference had my head spinning and I was almost paralyzed. I loved all the new information and truths and embraced that awareness empowers us in our journey. Knowledge and awareness free us.
However sometimes we can get caught in our head and that’s not where the Spirit informs us!! So as I was going through all the new understandings and truths from the conference…I allowed confusion to step in. I told myself I was confused…then the Soul Whispered “Bonnie confusion is a choice!” Hmmm, I knew that was right because I have been in that same place before (an old story) and once I quit telling myself I was confused and chose some clear thoughts (a new story) like “Bonnie you are on the brink of putting all this amazing new information into action in your life!”…my whole body relaxed and knew that really I had created the emotion of confusion to support not moving into action.
No matter where you are in your life or what issues you are facing, the soul is always whispering guidance. You have to be willing to slow down, because a busy mind cannot  hear those whispers…and your souls whispers are always clear and always true.
Trust what you are hearing! When you are caught in analytical, logical, realistic thinking it keeps you in your mind and away from your heart’s desire. Your heart is where the treasure chest of wisdom, magic and truth lies to guide you authentically.
Your ego kicks you off the path of joy and truth because the path feels uncomfortable and foreign to it. Ego (mind) loves the old stories and is very proud that it is the author of those beliefs that hold you in a pattern of security and away from the whispering soul!
We don’t see things as they are…we see things as we are. It takes being willing to step into a higher perspective when challenges appear and watch the solutions appear more simple and clear. You have put yourself in a higher consciousness to receive the soul whispers and be guided by Truth. If you rationalize and take offense you are probably adding to an old story you are still carrying around and the lesson at hand (all challenges we face are for our growth) gets lost in confusion and righteousness. Issues get caught in who is right or wrong and love doesn’t live there.
The world of love is where the soul whispers frequently and you know without a doubt that the Universe has your back. There is nothing that you desire that the Universe/God isn’t anxiously waiting to give you! As a matter of fact the Universe is more eager to give you what you want than you are ready to receive! In the world of love and abundance you know life is easy, because you’ve released the old stories (that life is hard) that block that paradigm. You see yourself as God sees you!  You realize everything you need is already here…you just have to tune in to it as you open to the whispering soul.
What is your whispering soul saying to you ? Listen…
I am always here,
Step into a place of peace and love.
Put your hand in my hand,
Let’s walk together into a
life of joy and new awakenings.
Together we will embrace
your divine beauty and
the brilliance you were born with.
I love whispering truths to you  and you will
never do anything to make me leave you.
My love comes without conditions and
you will feel it in your heart
each time we connect.
 Sit in silence and listen, trust and believe
As I whisper to your soul!
Please email me if you feel challenged with connecting with the whispers of your soul. I have a wonderful virtual program that can help you to open to your inner guidance. Sometime all we need is a few tools and someone guiding to shift to the level where we trust, feel and hear what we were born with. Email me at