I know that staying on track with your Truth can be tricky…

I’ve found that the Truth often appears through animals. Did you know that each animal and color carry with it vibrational energies with unique messages? As they cross your path-in your life or in your dreams they bring you guidance. Some of us are more attuned than others. I offer my clients divine guidance through the color animal images I receive. These Truth Totems will help you in reaching your dream destination faster and with more confirmation.

I offer several different ways to use these Truth Totems as you will see below.

Rosi the Tiger Truth Totem™ Oracle Deck

Rosi the Tiger is the children’s version of the White Buffalo. Rosi has come with great energy to work with children which may be specifically your inner child on how important it is to love ourselves. Embrace this new wonderful deck and open your heart to receive all the love you so deserve. Inside each deck is a Rosi Quarts little heart as a special reminder of how important it is to love ourselves. Each magical card in the deck will delight your child or inner child with a clear powerful motivational divine message. This deck also has the three White Light cards that will encourage your child to imagine World Peace.

$25 + shipping

Magical Awakenings Truth Totem™ Oracle Deck

Can you feel it? This oracle deck was created to awaken your belief in the magic around you and within you. When you believe in magic you can allow God/Universe to speak! Our lives are so busy that we forget to slow down long enough for our magic to appear. We fill our minutes, hours, and days rapidly with our agendas. Our minds are full of what we have to do. Today you can choose to say, “I believe in magic and I’m ready to release my control over my life. Today I give God the grace and time to speak into my life with awe inspiring magic and wonder!”. This small opening is all the Universe needs to begin filling you with magical moments that will touch your soul with such love you will be floating on air! My wish for you is this deck will support you in your divine life journey, that you will take the moments needed to ask for divine guidance through these cards, and as you receive messages you will awaken to all the magic in your life. Believe and it will come! There are four Spirit Cards found within your deck. They are the Magic Feather, Lucky Penny, Heart Rock, and Rainbow cards. If you happen to draw one of these cards, allow your childlike curiosity to rise and feel the special magic each of them brings!

$25 + shipping

White Buffalo Truth Totem™ Deck

I truly believe this is a time of souls awakening and being called to embrace the world as one. This deck carries great healing energy ready to be released and received! Randomly placed with the deck of animal totems are three White Light cards. I have added these cards to encourage people to pray for world peace and healing.

$25 + shipping

Orange Crow Truth Totem™ Deck

Divine truth comes through all aspects of nature including the animals and all the beautiful colors you are surrounded with. In this 44-card deck of oracle cards by Bonnie Kutter, colorfully and gorgeously illustrated animals—such as Purple Raven, Orange Swan and Blue Dragon Fly—deliver inspirational wisdom and healing energy. The cards come packaged in an organza bag and each shares a unique and specific message, along with applications and ideas for everyday living. Designed to awaken the child within you, the Truth Totems bring a delightful sense of vision, guidance, magic and play to your life.
 The Truth Totem cards are a Disney movie for your soul…and your soul is so ready for this fresh new divine whimsical wisdom!

$25 + shipping

The Story of the Truth Totem™

Once upon a time a very busy lady named Bonnie asked the Universe for her heart’s desire—to bring more playfulness and magic to her life. One night as she lay in her bed, she received a message from the Universe telling her to “Follow the message of the crow and share it with your friend…. orange crow…tell her the message of the Orange Crow!” This seemed really weird to Bonnie but she decided to listen to her heart and give her friend the message. And her friend was very grateful! Now the animals and colors started coming to her quickly. She started studying their energy and saw the awesome divine messages they brought and she knew she wanted to share them with kids of all ages. Remember, Bonnie’s heart’s desire was to have more playfulness and magic in her life – may the Truth Totem™ bring you magical messages to guide your heart’s desire!

Kid’s Truth Totem™ Deck

Written specifically for children to understand – or to awaken the child within you – the Kid’s Truth Totems brings a delightful sense of vision, guidance, magic and play to your life. Featuring the same animals and colors of the original Truth Totem with simplified but powerful, magical messages!

I have been chosen to be your guide throughout this deck! Let me tell you, I swam around in Bonnie’s dreams for over three months, leaping and giggling, and trying really hard to get her attention. Finally one day she realized my porpoise……I mean purpose… and then she designed this fun, amazing Kid’s Truth Totem™ deck! This deck is full of my amazing friends who bring you great messages to support and guide you in life. Remember, if you struggle with any of the messages call on me to help you. I am so excited to help you with your life porpoise….I mean purpose (Ha! I keep doing that!). I am so passionate about purpose that I turn purple! We are all born with a purpose! Did you know that? I believe it is very important to live with a light hearted, free spirit – not bogged down with heavy, bad thoughts. Please work with me and let’s look for the things in life that make us giggle, laugh and roll on the floor! Are you willing to play the game of life with me? The Kid’s Truth Totem™ deck cards are fun and I know they will give you advice that feels good. Your reason for being here in this world is so big and I am so glad that we will be friends as you work with the Kid’s Truth Totem™ deck! My energy is very strong and I will be here to help you any time you need me! Purple Porpoise!

$25 + shipping

The Artist ~ Kay Hilde

I’ve been a professional painter, writer, graphic designer, teacher, speaker, and illustrator for 40 years. It’s always my pleasure to collaborate with Bonnie, providing graphic design, editing, and illustration that supports her amazing intuitive work and offerings.

The illustrations I created for the decks Orange Crow, Purple Porpoise, Rosie the Tiger, and White Buffalo have been some of my most fulfilling work as an illustrator! I know you’ll enjoy connecting with the animals, their colors, and their message as much as I did! ~ Kay