You are full of gentle beautiful peace and empowered with great might and courage! It is all within you! You are whole and complete. When you embrace that concept and not the insignificance of being just a drop you really see life with the radiance and courage you were born with.

As you wake each morning…you get to say; “Today is a day that I will use the power of my ocean waves and the swiftness of its motion! I will move mountains today and accomplish things that have been waiting to be conquered. I have the power within me to do or to stand before whatever I need to.”


There will be mornings or moments that you know the still of the ocean is what will bring you through the day. Bring it up and surface the peaceful sereneness of tranquility and love for yourself and those around you. Feel it in your soul and allow the gentleness to radiate way beyond you.


You were born with everything you need to live your best life. When we step away from feeling like we are just a drop in the ocean and embrace that we are the ocean…the music starts and the magic begins.

You truly are full to the brim and overflowing! You are beautiful in your power and beautiful in your peacefulness! Feel it and know…you are perfect!